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Custom Shoe and apparel designer.  Have an idea you've always wanted to make for yourself? Nows your chance.  You can check out our shop to see all the styles we have available or you can chose the white pair of shoes and send us your idea, name, logo. Just about anything you can imagine.

We are super excited to announce our new Apparel Making Workshop called
"SOUL'd OUT".  We will teach you how to make apparel like shirts, hats and hoodies from 
beginning to end. You come with the idea and we will teach you how to make it come to life.  Registration NOW OPEN!!! ( Limited Space Available ) 

14G Customs Started off as a production company dedicated to the memory of my brother.  Producing everything from dance shows, to videography, to apparel design, and of course Hip Hop Dance.  Which all made sense for a time as they all would go hand in hand.  Teaching Hip Hop for over 22 years and building an amazing dance community that had a mission to spread positive influence through Hip Hop to the community. 

As life has evolved for all of us on this planet so has my passions.  I love to create whether its a dope Hip Hop routine or a saucy new outfit or a sick video of me making some gear.  During covid I expanded to making shoes. From learning a technique called hydrodipping, to airbrushing, to complete shoe reconstruction.  I still make apparel but really enjoy making artwork on shoes.  

After learning how to perfect my technique I decided to continue teaching but in a completely different fashion ,  specially fashion.  I developed a course that anyone can take to learn how to make apparel and shoes.  Everyone like to create so decide to teach people how to make they're own creations.  Turning passion into a business is what my brother taught me. Come take a class with us and discover your hidden talent and passion. "Find something you love to do and make that your career, if you love what you do everyday it will never feel like work - Gary Kendell 1970-2007"

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